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CFriend is a high-tech innovative enterprise that focus on the development, design, production, and sales of power protection products such as high and low voltage fuses, with a history of over 40 years. CFriend regards "customers add value through our products and services, and society and employees benefit from the development of the enterprise" as the sacred mission of the enterprise. Adhering to the product production philosophy of "striving for excellence and continuous improvement", pursuing innovation and sustainable growth of the enterprise. At the same time, emphasizing the customer service awareness of "exquisite service and comfortable experience", the perfect combination of precise technical support and innovative products is CFriend's greatest pursuit.



CFriend has inherited years of professional fuse development technology and experience, and currently has outstanding performance in new energy electric vehicles, photovoltaic wind power generation, energy storage ESS, high and low voltage power grids, communication power sources, rectifier and inverter power sources, as well as railways, large-scale engineering projects, and automation manufacturing industries. In 2013, CFriend established its R&D and production center in Suzhou Kunshan City, China. In this fertile land of Jiangnan, CFriend people continue to adhere to excellent corporate culture and management concepts, continuously practicing and promoting the company's core values of "pursuing excellence, daring to innovate, upholding trust and friendship, diversity and inclusiveness", and balancing corporate development, social responsibility, and employee value realization.

The development of each new product of CFriend is accompanied by countless experiments and calculations, and each product must undergo strict testing and control layer by layer before leaving the factory. CFriend's emphasis on innovation and sustainable development is reflected in all aspects, with a sense of excellence from the outside to the inside, meticulously sorting out both the overall situation and details. This is not only a strict requirement for oneself, but also a serious fulfillment of the social and contemporary responsibilities that enterprises should take. In the past few years, CFriend products have received high attention from various industry insiders both domestically and internationally. The products have obtained multiple Chinese national patents, as well as various professional and authoritative technology and quality safety (CCC, CE, CB, UL, etc.) certifications, management systems (ISO9001, IATF16949, environmental management system ISO14001, occupational health and safety management system IS045001) certifications, etc. Continuing the company's consistent excellent brand standards, we are wholeheartedly committed to the development, production, logistics, and market channel construction of high and low voltage fuses.

In future corporate strategic plan, CFriend will continue to focus on global market layout with a more open and positive attitude, provide more thoughtful and refined technical support, and fully improve the service experience of domestic and foreign customers. CFriend looks forward to working with you and is willing to work together with everyone to achieve a beautiful development vision for the new era. We will work together for a win-win situation!


Future prospects

Facing the situation of global energy conservation, emission reduction policy, and clean energy development, many countries have adjusted their development strategies and accelerated their industrial layout in the new energy industry. The global industrial ecology is being rebuilt. The electric vehicle industry is the first to bear the brunt. Firstly, major well-known automobile manufacturers have invested a large amount of funds and technical resources to comprehensively layout the new energy electric vehicle market. Relevant countries have also proposed a "timetable for prohibiting the sale of fuel vehicles". Under this development opportunity, CFriend formulated and deployed the company's new energy product development strategy several years ago. In recent years, the company has invested a lot of scientific research efforts in the field of protection products for electric vehicles (EV, HEV, etc.), fully developing fuse products suitable for electric vehicles and charging stations applications.

At present, CFriend's dedicated DC fuse products for electric vehicles (Pboy series) have American standard (EVPE, EVHE, EVXE, EVAE, etc.), British standard (AET, AMT, PEF, PMF, etc.), and various products for customers to choose from (DFH, DFN, DFS, DFB, etc.). The Pboy series not only meets conventional application requirements, but also meets the special customization requirements of many customers.

Green travel requires reliable safety guarantees, and CFriend is willing to work together with various electric vehicle companies to ensure your safe travel.

Obtained CQC certification from the China Quality Certification Center.

CFriendI has obtained ATF16949 system certification, covering the scope of "Design and Production of Fused Links for DC Fast Semiconductor Protection"

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